The Old Taptonian Biographies.

Arblaster Doreen Abbot 1971-77 email:
Sister of Nathaniel Arblaster, former Head Boy, attended Tapton House around 1935-1940.

Ashley Gill McCormack 1949-56 email:
After leaving school she attended Derby Training College until 1958 and taught in Clay Cross, Derby Road and Hasland. Left Derbyshire in 1961 to teach in London and then on to Devon where she taught until 1993. Gill and her husband Danny, formerly of the Civic Theatre, are kept on their toes by an ever-growing McCormack family and also by building their dacha on their mountainside in West Cork, Ireland.

Ashley Peter 1940-1945 email:
Leaving school in June 1945, he eventually honoured a family tradition by entering the coal mining industry. After he had worked at several collieries in the Chesterfield area, the mid fifties found him at the Bolsover headquarters where he strenuously hewed in a rich and inexhaustible seam of paper until 1985. Having helped to raise a family of five, he now devotes his time to exploring the remoter byways of Britain.

Armstrong Sue 1957-64 email:
Trained as a teacher married with two girls living in Nottingham

Armstrong Trevor 1952-60 email:
Hi there guys!(from Canada) Sorry I can't make the picnic. It's a bit too far. Give my regards to anyone who might have kissed (unlikely) or kicked (very probably) me whilst I was at Tapton. And say a little prayer for Jan.

Atrill John 1954-60 email:

Babister Jill 1961-68 email:
After being Deputy Head Girl at Tapton I went to Philippa Fawcett College, London, to train as a teacher. After marrying at the end of my 3 year course we lived in Newton Aycliffe, near Durham, where I taught at a school for intellectually handicapped children. After a year we moved to New Zealand where we both taught in a country school for a couple of years. After several moves around NZ we decided to return to Nottingham to have our first daughter in 1980. We later returned to Northland, NZ to have our second daughter in 1983. We've lived here ever since and now live in Wellington, the capital city of this beautiful country. Our daughters are both at university in Dunedin, at the southern end of South Island. One is doing a PhD in physics while the other has just begun her science degree, probably majoring in Maths. I work at Wellington College of Education as an administrator serving 400 students who want to be teachers and 50 staff. I look forward to any news of people who were at Tapton when I was there as I really enjoyed my time at Tapton!

Baker Des 1949-57 email:
Just had another look at your OT website. It always lifts my spirits when that wonderful photo of the house comes up. Just read your Commem Day speech again. Thanks again on behalf of a thousand OTs for remembering and more importantly acting on our behalf. 'A History of Tapton House' arrived Monday, thanks. It looks splendid. You are the embodiment of Tenax Propositi! Whilst the rest of us think something is quite a good idea, you get on and DO it! What a massive amount of work in such a relatively short time.

Barnes Mike 1950-55 email:
I received your books; thanks a lot. I am most impressed and want to congratulate you on two great pieces of writing and research. I even discovered that I featured on two of the photos with my old friends Roy Hughes and Garth Rigby. Roy was killed in a motorcycle accident shortly after leaving school and I soon lost touch with Garth. If you ever hear from him or about him I would appreciate you letting me know. Once again thanks for bringing back so many memories of an age long past.

Bassett Brian 1945-51email:
I started with Plowright Bros then Davy United in Sheffield and became a Chartered Engineer.Names from the past include Ian Worrall,Don Frost,Dennis Pidcock,Terry Andrewsetc. Now retired with 7 grandchildren.

Bateman Hilary Knowles 1948-53 email:

Bennett Susan 1961-68
They certainly don't make men like Mr Mellor nowadays! Even though I didn't go to Tapton till the 60's his legacy certainly was felt. I often look back at my days at Tapton very nostagically . My sister went to St Helena's and her school days were never as happy as mine. I think because Tapton was small in comparison the teachers soon got to know you and we as pupils probably knew most everybody in the school. Even though it was a grammar school there was less of an emphasis on academic achievment than at St Helena's and more of an emphasis on individal character development and steering us as pupils toward appreciation of the world as a whole. The teacher that most influenced me was Phil Wildin and I still have a great fondness of the theatre and literature and I credit her with igniting that flame. By the way I have enjoyed both of your books and thank-you for all the work you have done and are still doing to keep the memories of Tapton alive.

Biggs Lorraine 1972-77 email:
I am still in touch with a couple of close friends from my school days, two of which are on Friends Reunited. I would like to know what happended to a lot of the teachers though. I remember Mr Lambert - he took me for french for a couple of years and used to live not far from me. If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know - it would be a pleasure.

Bircumshaw Norman 1949-55 email:
After leaving tapton married Celia Timmins 4th July!! national service R.A.F. medics. Loughborough College 3 years. We have taught in and around Nottingham throughout our careers. Three children 4 grandchildren. Both now retired and live in Grantham Lincs. Celia spends much time painting and playing the clarinet. I spend alittle time playing but increasingly more time repairing woodwind inst. I would like to hear how those of my year have faired over the years. Tapton was right from the first year a special place for me.I doubt if many pupils could have gone through the school without being affected by the school its setting and its staff.

Birkin Barrie 1956-62 email:
Barrie joined his present company of Joseph Clayton & Sons Ltd. in Chesterfield in 1963. This is a tannery making specialised industrial types of leather, but now making more leathers for saddlery, cricket balls, and various hydraulic and polishing leathers. He is now General Manager and still trying to decide whether to make it his career...

Birks Janette Redfern 1968-75 email:
I have very fond memories of the school, although I was not a loud person I was given the position of Deputy Head Girl, I wore that pin with so much pride. Thank you for your prompt reply to my request for your book, it is absolutely terrific and I am enjoying the memories it is evoking. I thank you and wish you well.

Blankley Valerie 1958-64 email:
Thank you for your prompt reply to my request for your book, it is absolutely terrific and I am enjoying the memories it is evoking. I thank you and wish you well. My memories include the hot blackcurrent juice in winter, the condensation which constantly dripped into the meals a lunch time, walks in and around the grounds and a trip to Rome in 1960 to see the Olympic Games. I still keep in touch with a couple of friends and often wonder what happened to many others. This internet site is fabulous to bring back the memories.

Branson Mel 1955-61 email:

Burgess Carol Quigley 1952-56 email:
I attended from 1952 to 1956 when my parents moved to Blackpool, so I did not complete all of my secondary schooling at Tapton. I was contemporary with Eileen Cooper, Gillian Aldous, Margaret Beswick, Margaret Phillips, Margaret Fletcher, Shirley Ford and a lot more whose faces I remember, but not names, unfortunately. Very pleased to hear about the success of the picnic. Best wishes and thanks again for your book. It's surprising what you remember when you read the contributions, even things like sledging down the hill and placing flowers on the dogs' graves.

Butt Charles 1962-69 email:
Just to let you know I was in Chesterfield last week and picked up my copy of 'Memories of Tapton House School' - very impressive. It was a lot of fun reading the material.

Card Linda Gibbons 1971-76 email:
Yes I would be interested in buying the two books that you sent me information on. I will send a cheque in the post to you and if you could forward them on to me.

Carless Noreen 1947-52 email:
Mini-biography is shown on the news page. Our old school no longer exists, except in our memories. We are not getting any younger, and we have moved all over the world. One thing is very clear to me; we all carry a similar set of impressions of the great start given to us by certain teachers and friends we knew at Tapton. I don't believe a school quite like Tapton exists in today's world. I find Len's work to be very helpful in explaining the foundations for my personal set of values to my grandchildren and to my friends. The values given to us through the dedication of teachers like Wildin and Mellor are rare and precious; they must be shared, not lost. Personally, Tapton's lessons have traveled with me to Africa, California, and now to Oregon. I have had the opportunity to shape the lives of others -- my children and many, many employees. I have enjoyed his book, "Memories of Tapton House." I highly recommend it. The value is in the realization of how much we all shared the same feelings about "Our school." It may have been closed as a High School, but the daffodils will bloom each spring. What finer memorial could Tub Mellor have left than the "Flowers that Bloom in the Spring, Tra La," and us, his pupils. Whether you studied directly under him, or under later Headmasters, "Tub's" influence was profound.

Causer Eunice 1935-38 email:

Causer Harry 1939-42 email:

Clark Joe 1954-59 email:

Coates Roger 1947-52 email:

Cooper Eileen 1952-57 email:
My time at Tapton was really quite undistinguished, apart from the gentle art of dodging PE and Games! When I left, I worked for a couple of years in the Area Planning Office at the Town Hall then joined the Midland Bank in Chesterfield, and most of my working life was in banking after that. I married Hugh in 1969 - a Chartered Engineer, who was also the product of another excellent co-ed Grammar School. We have two sons, both graduates and two grandchildren, whom we look after once a week now we're both retired, exhausting but delightful. With the benefit of hindsight, I realise what a marvellous school Tapton was, and what a broad education we were given, very useful for my favourite pastime of doing crosswords.

Costello Josephine Bemrose 1965-72 email:

Cox Christine 1961-66 email:
I was at Tapton between 1961 and 1966 and many fond memories like yourself of those days. I left school and worked as a typist at Robinsons until I had my children, a son and a daughter. I returned to work in 1981 in the licensing trade and ran pubs in Sheffield (the Yorkshire Man) and Chesterfield (the Market Hotel) until 1990. I now work as general manager for a company who distribute Uk and overseas beer and winemaking for home brew. I re-married in 1995 and live in Brimington with my husband Stephen. Christine Pedley (nee Cox) PS My father, Donald Cox also attended Tapton 1938 - 1942, he also still lives in Chesterfield.

Croot Sue Millington 1959-64 email:
I would like to order the two books about Tapton. My brothers name is John Croot. If you are in touch with Liz Pearson at all would you give her my regards please?Again thank you for getting in touch.

Dodd Susan 1973-78 email:
I moved to Canada in 1981, returned to Chesterfield in 1984 through 1985. I finally moved back to Canada in 1985 becoming a Landed Immigrant in 1986. I currently work for Nortel Networks in Ottawa, Canada as Senior Manager in Business Development, previous to Nortel I work for Newbridge Networks (acquired by Alcatel in May, 2000). Dodd is my maiden name so I'm hoping that classmates will contact me. Address is: 106 Montana Way, Nepean, Ontario, Canada K2J 4M4 Tel: 613-823-3238

Doughty Bob 1954-61 email:
Went to Nottingham University to read Zoology and gained 2.2 Honours Degree. Worked for 33.3 years for the Blood Transfusion Service (Sheffield - PhD and Newcastle), finishing as Acting Chief Executive before retiring. Many hobbies including rambling which first started going into the Peak District with Mr Woolhouse his Biology teacher who also had a profound influence on his life.

Eveleigh Vivien 1959-64 email:
I left Chesterfield to work at Rugby Public School when I left school. I got married in 1966 and have lived in London since 1973. I went up to Chesterfield regularly until last January until my mother died.I still go up to visit my father's sister.

Fieldsend David 1976-81 email:
After leaving Tapton House in May 81' I started working for Royal Mail on June 6th that very same year and have been there ever since. I married in 86' and have 1 son, Andrew. I often still take walks up to Tapton House and try and imagine it how it was before the demolition took place, and recollect the vast memories of my 5 years at what I still believe to be true, was the best school in Chesterfield voth for education and the beautifull surroundings it had and still has (current "maze" excluded!).

Finney Paul 1975-80 email:

Frost Stan 1949-56 email:

Fry Tony 1953-59 email:
I was, in turn, Captain of the school's Junior and Senior Cross Country teams during the time they were overseen by Denis? (Slasher) Haslam - and became the most successful up to that time in the school's Cross-Country history. (We were all very proud of our successes). I spent many years as a newspaper, radio and regional tv news journalist and, these days, I am a priest - and a lecturer ( which used to amuse Phil Wildin in her last years when she remembered what a little blighter I was in my Tapton days). Anyway, I teach journalism at Sheffield College Norton, mostly to uni post-grad students.

Gent Ann 1961-68 email:
Tapton House was a memorable school to attend with its wonderful location and the unique history of the building. There are two people I would be interested in contacting if you have any information on these. They started Tapton in 1961 and left the school,I believe to go on to art college,in 1968.If you have any information on Susan Howse or Sallianne Eldred which might help me to locate or contact them, I would be grateful of this.

Gould Pauline 1969-74 email:
I have very fond memories of the school now but whilst there I think I was rather a rebel, heads were being shaved and skirts were getting shorter, I now live and work in Lichfield Staffordshire, although my family still live in Chesterfield.

Greaves Cliff 1943-46 email:
Started work as a fitter at Summitt Works followed by indentured apprenticeship at BTH. HNC in Mechanical Engineering in 1953, National Service in RAF to 1955. Renewed engineering work at Bryan Donkins as draughtsman, project engineering and finally in buying department. Took voluntary redundancy in 1991 and started degree studies with OU. Graduated in December 1995 with BA (Upper 2nd Class Hons). Married Marion Elizabeth Rankin (Brimington) and have two sons.

Greenwood Paul 1970-76 email:
When I arrived in 1970 it was a mixed school and second only to Chesterfield Boys Grammar School.What a wonderfull building it was. Looking back I realize how great a building it really was as i didnt appreciate this at the time. The wooden staircase in the back part of the house used to fascinate me as up to a certain year it was out of bounds. The P.E Instructor for my whole term was Mr Denman who always reminded me of Jimmy Saville because of his hair. Other famous names where Miss Woodall who was Senior Mistress (to whom I have no idea). Mr Keith angus - Mr Keith Bates(French & Latin) - Mr Keith Duncan(Art) - Mr Frearson (Physics I think) - Mrs Rodgers(Mathematics) - Mr Alan Hooper(Woodwork etc) - Mr Lambert - Mr Milner - Miss Nadin - and Mrs Ramsamooj. - What an educational opportunity, we were truly priveleged to attend Tapton house. Thanks for a great site.

Grist Valerie 1968-69
I was only at Tapton for about a year in 1968 but have fond memories of it and would love to meet some folks from my year again. I remember with enormous affection Miss Wilden - English teacher. What a wonderful inspiration she was! I wonder if others have memories. I hate to think so, but I expect she must have died some time ago by now. I lived off Langer Lane, Chesterfield with my grandmother. My parents were in the Army in Malta at the time. I left Tapton only because they returned to England - as I say, it was a happy time, and such a nice school. I am now widowed with three children. I have worked in Law, though not as a solicitor, for most of my life.

Hadfield Gaye 1967-74 email:
London University honours degree in Chemistry in July 1978. MSc in Microbiology at Newcastle University and PhD in Microbiology at St Mary's Hospital Medical School in 1985. Ten years in the pharmaceutical industry before retiring (?) to have children. Two boys (3 + 5). Now works part-time as a consultant to the healthcare industries. Married and, apart from the year in Newcastle, has lived in London since she left school.

Hall Adrian 1964-71 email:
I still live in Chesterfield, having lived in Leicester, Sheffield and Nottingham in the past. Where I work for the Post Ofice (along with several thousand others) and play in a local rock band - 3 Legged Cat. I remember the old school very fondly and still see familiar faces in town from time to time. I recently met my daughter's boyfriend for the first time and we knew each other at Tapton.

Higginbottom Gary 1971-78 email:
From leaving school I joined Markham and company and transferred to the Sheffield when the site at Chesterfield closed down. (now a housing estate). I recognise from your list a few old friends especially Alistair Horn (1974) and would appreciate being given his contact details. As an added note my father (Keith Higginbottom) also went to Tapton House between 1949 and 1954.

Holland Paul 1967-72 email:

Hope Ann Kretzschmar 1967-74 email:
Currently living in Basingstoke and working as a school techinician. Thinking about going into teaching. Keen to contact any old friends.

Horn Alistair 1974-78 email:
I was at Tapton from 1974 to 1978, having moved to Chesterfield from Morley, Leeds at the end of year 3 at grammar school. For my sins I was head boy in 1977-8, before going on to further education, gaining a 2:1 in Applied Biology (crop protection) at Bath University. Having had a brief spell in the mushroom industry (where I was literally "kept in the dark and fed bullshit") I returned to the crop protection industry as agronomist, and subsequently Technical Manager, at an agrochemical distributor in the midlands. I now reside at Barlestone in Leicestershire along with my wife, Sue, and "The Gruesome Threesome", Kathryn (12), Matthew (10) and Darryl (8). I just wish I had known of the OT website earlier - but rest assured I will be a regular visitor from now on.

Humphreys Geoff 1956-63 email:
On leaving school I went to Aberystwyth University where I studied Biological Sciences and graduated with a 1st Class Honours degree in Zoology.I joined the Department of Zoology,Aberdeen University in 1970,where I have remained to the present day.I teach and research in the field of Cell and Immunobiology,and obtained a Ph.D in the field of Tumour Immunology at Aberdeen University.I am married to Jackie,and have two children,Ceri and Daryl,and two grandchildren,Lisa and Liam. My contemporaries at school were John Kerslake,Peter Davies,Melvin Coulson,Valerie Graham,Gloria Wood and Martin Pucci.

Hunt Judith Oliver 1958-63 email:
We used to live at the Golden Fleece on Knifesmithgate. My sister, Sally, was a pupil from 1961 - 1963. After that, I went to school in Marlborough, Wiltshire, and then to St Albans FE, after a further house move. I've kept this tradition going and am now in about my 50th home! I moved from Kent to Yorkshire at the end of 2001 to live in Harrogate. Most of my life has been spent working with people with physical disabilities, but I also started the Association of Carers (now Carers UK) in 1981. My new job is as Chief Executive of Disabilility Action Yorkshire. I am long-time divorced, have an adult son and daughter and two grand-daughters, all of whom live in the south east. All these moves have meant that I've lost touch with everyone and I would dearly love to find some of you again.

Insley Gordon 1959-64 email:

Jewison CRE 1974-79 email:
I was very happy at Tapton and I used to live at Calow where I would walk to school each day down crow lane. When I left I became an Engraver at MTM Products. I then left MTM to do Computer Process Control & Automation at Rosewater in Stonebroom (Alfreton). When I was made redundant I startup my own Company called Compuhelp, which I am still running. Status :- Married with two boys. And at the moment I live at Stonebroom which I can look directly at Tapton Park from my window. In six months time I am moving to Jersey CI. I have attached the school photograph that was taken when I was there and a few more recent photographs that were taken 2 Months ago. Best Regards C.R.E JEWSION

Jones Tom 1936-40 email:
From school he went to work in a laboratory as an industrial chemist. After a few years he began to supplement his income by writing for magazines. 'Rather foolishly,' at the age of 26, he quit his job and took up writing as a full time occupation, which didn't work out too well. Gave up the struggle and went into teaching. On the whole he enjoyed the life, although it was exhausting. Early retirement enabled him to take pleasure in computer studies.

Kerslake John 1957-64 email:

Knowles Maureen 1950-55 email:
I would love to come and see Tapton House again but unfortuently I am flying to Jersey that morning. You may also remember Betty Churcher who is my cousin and also went to Tapton. I have read your books with interest and look forward to being able to attend the next OTA picnic.

Lindley Richard 1970-76 email:
( stayed on for a year , halfway through A levels it was suggested I leave or be pushed - took the honourable action ! ) . Liked the school but thought most of the teachers were awful at their job , probably had good degrees but wern't very good at teaching mostly . Wish i'd left at the end of the fifth year but as I got 7 O levels was pushed into staying on , that was a fun year though - not too much work ! Worked in the pit etc and now i'm happy as a district nurse in chesterfield , got 3 kids and a very tolerant wife ! I'm a lot more outgoing than i was , don't really see too many from school though I did carry Pencils coffin ( don't suppose that counts though Geordie was one of the others - the three of us used to knock around together . Can tend to ramble on still , remember that we all used to fancy Joanne Naylor , seen her pic on friendsreunited ( lucky marsupial ) . get in touch anyone not mad , incarcerated or dead ( that doesn't leave many ) .

Lockwood Claire Wort 1976-81 email:
I was at Tapton for two years and have a number of people who I would love to get in touch with... Louise Wright Ellen McCartney Melanie Barnard However these were there maiden names so I hope you have married names if you do have contact details. Look forward to having a look at the book.

Lowe David 1972-78 email:
I spent 7 wonderful years as a student at Tapton, but that was because the school was appalling as a place of education, I spent the next 17 years suffering because of the poor educational standards I was put through, the staff apart from the odd exception was low quality and pathetic to say the least, I went back to university and achieved a first in chemical and process engineering but only through perseverance did I achieve it nothing to do with the useless staff at Tapton would you put that in your book

Lund Frederick 1948-54 email:

Metcalf Joan 1952-57 email:

Naylor Joanne 1970-75 email:
I now live in Australia. I'd love to attend the reunion - but its a bit far for me to travel ! I'd also love to know what happened to my favourite teacher Mr Frearson - he was the Physics teacher and made his periods so interesting. As you were before his time, I'd imagine you don't know him.

Newton Gary 1974-79 email: Thank you for the books I was very pleased with them both.

Pucci Martin 1960-66 email:
Attended Tapton from 1960 to 1966. Spent three years working at various jobs before deciding to get some qualifications and entry to Medical School at Aberdeen University in 1972. Qualified and after working in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, applied for GP's job in town (Ellon) 15 miles N of Aberdeen. Married with two children aged 27 and 25. Wife (Irene) is nurse at Aberdeen Children's Hospital. Delighted to hear from anyone who remembers him. Contempories at Tapton ; Brian Mitchell, Derek Ashton, Ron Greatorex, Michael Hinds, Liz Pearson, Beverly Broughton, Pamela Stones, Gerald Pell, 'titch' Needham, Leon Gormley, Michael Spry. Still have the 'long' school 'photo taken in 1960, Mr. Chettle was Head, Mr. Pearson deputy head.

Purvis Ray 1966-70 email:
I now live in Newark, Notts. Left Tapton House School when dad moved the family to Doncaster in 1970. After leaving school after Sixth Form at Doncaster Grammar school I went into Banking. After several years living and working in The Middle East ended up at Lloyds in London as Regional Manager of the Asset Finance division. I'm now self employed, semi retired and a lone parent of my 13yo! If anyone from the old school remembers me, please get in touch - it would be interesting!

Robotham Judith 1951-56 email: Many happy memories.

Saxton Paul 1969-76 email:
My "term of duty" lasted from Sept 69- June 1976 ( yes A-levels during that hot summer) . I went on to Hull University to study Electronics. I came to live in Nottingham in 1980 where I have lived ever since. I still have regular contact with friends and family in Chesterfield and I now work for Marconi Communications in Nottingham. My hobbies are electronics (still- amazingly enough), astronomy ( in particular the search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence), physics, weight training, playing the piano (I have an electronic one with headphones so I don't drive the neighbours mad) wine and beer making (that chemistry A level came in handy after all), learning foreign languages, canal boating, camping and caravaning in the countryside. It would be great to contact some of my old colleagues and teachers. I hope the website goes from strength to strength. I'm sure I have a photo of my year somewhere I'll dig it out and get it scanned.

Seaston Linda 1970-77 email:

Sims David 1949-56 email:
I managed to qualify as a teacher and that's how I could get a job in Jersey. Mind you I retired some years ago and really enjoy it, doing the things I want to do- wellsome of the time! We both enjoyed your book and have been recalling all manner of incidents and characters we knew then. I remember the boxing matches, especially the bout with a boy who almost refused to leave his corner (that wasn't you was it?) and the final against "Daffy Denman" which was a real slogging match and in which I was outpointed. I was pleased to see that list of names of people I used to Know. Roger and I were very close friends, we even went on cycling holiday together, boy did I suffer with the bike I had then! Please give them all my regards when you next see them. If they would like my EM please pass it on.

Sissons Ken 1947-52 email:
I am afraid that I cannot remember many names but I have very fond memories of the School. I do remember being a member of a very large group of railway enthusiasts and being a co-founder of a Railway Club. My memories of teachers are better, particularly Mr Cox ex Major of the Ghurka Regiment my latin teacher tormentor. I look forward to hearing of other news from ex students.

Smith-Owen Sue McCormack 1965-70 email:
Loved your book about Tapton-well done. I spent some happy hours dipping into it. I've just been on the Old Taptonians website and intend to join. I was delighted to see the school charter because I could only remember fragments of it-but tell me this-these past 32 years I had always thought the line was 'let no mean action SOIL the conduct of its children' rather than 'SPOIL the action'. Have I been wrong all this time?

Spriggs Maureen Cummins 1947-51 email:
I didn't take advantage of the opportunities at school due to family problems,but the school must have made an impression as I ended up being a Civil servant and a local Government officer .....just retired last month,by the way a colleage loaned me 'Life down t'Lane' book ,found it to be delightful,especially the Tapton feature,brought back of happy memories

Styles Jason 1967-74 email:

Styles Linda 1964-71 email:
Started off doing Physiotherapy when I first left school, but got kicked out after 6 months due to "lack of interest". Worked for 6 months at a local electroplating firm before going into Radiography in 1972. Qualified in 1974 and spent 3 years working in Taunton, before moving to Manchester where I have worked ever since. Married for the second time with no kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats, I qualified as a Hot Air Balloon pilot in 1997. Still supporting Chesterfield FC after all these years - I now own part of it!

Thompson Philip 1958-63 email:
Lived on Whittington Moor during my time at school. After leaving, trained at Chesterfield Tech to become a television and electrical engineer. Remained in this occupation, working for various local companies, until back injuries forced an early retirement in 1996. Now very interested in the hobby of building dollhouses and miniatures.

Thompson Leonard 1933-36 email:

Thompson Len 1949-53 email:
Emigrated to South Africa 1966-73. Wrote autobiography of life in Chesterfield during and after the war 'Life Down t'Lane' in 1997, 'Memories of Tapton House School' in 1999 and 'A History of Tapton House' in 2000. Copies of all three books are available, if required.

Tomlins Derek 1938-42 email:

Vintiner John 1959-66 email:
Joined Natwest Bank Chesterfield from school. Served in Branches at Alfreton, Derby and Leicester before final transfer to Wellingborough where he now lives. Took voluntary redundancy in 1996 and presently works part time in the new theatre and arts centre in Wellingborough. Married with two grown up children.

Trewick Andrew 1973-80 email:
I left Tapton House in 1980 after completing taking my A levels and having the honour of being Head Boy for that year. I subsequently worked for Tarmac Construction and obtained a degree in Civil Engineering form Aston University, graduating in 1985. I met my wife Tracey at University and we now have two boys, Sam 9 and Ben 7. I am still employed by Tarmac although they are now called Carillion. We live in the West Midlands and do not venture to Chesterfield very often as my parents have now died. I have however promised to show my boys the House during the next half term holidays as we are spending some time in Derbyshire. I would be interested to hear about any of the staff and pupils during my time.

Walker Christine 1971-77 email:
Great to find an Old Taptonians website. I attended 1971 to 1977 am now called Johnstone living in Sawley. I remember Mr Angus who was our form tutor in 1971 and 1972 - loved us so much he had to move up with us. I will send a photo once it can be scanned in. I am only in touch with Susan Garner (now Lawman) also in the same year.

Ward Terry 1950-56 email:
Started Tapton 1950-reluctantly left 1956. First position was in the accountancy field with the National Coal Board at their Bolsover Area Headquarters.stayed there until 1964-interrupted by 2 years National Service in the Royal Air Force After the NCB moved to the Kenning Group as Office Manager at Cavendish Motors,Chesterfield. After a year transferred to the Kenning Head Office and eventually became a Director of Kennings Ltd with particular responsibility for Vehicle Rental throughout The World. In 1985/6 in addition to my Kenning responsibilities was elected Chairman of The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association-holding various other positions with this Trade Association for over 20 years. Retired from Kenning in 2000-now living on the Gower Peninsula-a few miles west of Swansea.

Webb Roger 1949-1955 email:
After the first term in 1R, the words of Mr Routledge clearly remain.-"Seems to be in a complete daze so far".What a perceptive man!. After Tapton it was the Tube Works for 18 months and then the RAF for 5 years - a lot of it spent fishing in Scotland. After demob I became employed at the University of Sheffield working on the brains of locusts and cockroaches - ending up running Histological services in Zoology. 1st wife was Hazel Vallance - also an old Taptonian. Then Frances, who I married in 1981.. One stepson who runs a SCUBA diving business in Italy. Retired at 50 and now active as tree feller, car restorer, domestic cook, local councillor and village gossip.. Spent 21 years with narrow boats on the canal system. Walked the Coast to Coast in 1998 and wrote "As you were" (About the Air Force) in the late 80s. Currently writing my memoirs.

Webster Paul 1964-70 email:
He was at Tapton in the 60s, leaving as head boy after A levels in 1970. He became a language teacher and author and now lives in Grasberg, near Bremen in N W Germany. He teaches English to the German navy. Married (to Anne) and have a son, Daniel, aged 7.

Wheatcroft Tony 1948-53 email:
I attended the school between 1948-53 (if memory serves me correctly!) Headmaster at the time was Tubby Mellor. Would like to catch up with Ralph Beresford, Ben Broadhead, Doreen Whitworth (pips), Mike Ryan to name but a few.

White Doug 1956-60 email:
1960 Joined the Royal Navy (Electrical Branch as a Junior Rate). Completed pensionable service 22 years later as a Charge Chief Control Electrical Artificer serving in nuclear submarines. During which time I got married and settled in Hampshire where I still live with my wife and two children. On leaving the Navy I spent twelve years as a technical author and now work at Aldermaston Weapons Establishment as a decommissioning engineer.

White Gillian 1961-68 email:
On leaving Tapton I went to St. Godric's Secretarial College in London. I have worked on and off as a secretary ever since. I now work part time as a legal secretary in a firm of Solicitors in Southwell, Nottinghamshire. I remarried in 1979 (Alan, an architect) and have two children, a boy aged 21, studying Law at Cambridge and a daughter aged 16 who has just done her GCSEs. I would love to hear from anyone who may remember me.

Whitehead Richard 1956-62 email:
Thank you for your E-mail, having just subscribed I was pleased to find several of my old classmates (Barrie Birkin and John Grosvenor) already there and I was also surprised to see that you live in Cranleigh. I lived in Cranleigh from 1976 until 1987 and was, at one time, Chairman of the Cranleigh Arts Centre - perhaps we met! I now live in Fittleworth, near Petworth. I am now away on business but will send you a cheque for both books on my return.

Wilkinson John 1963-69 email:
Thanks for the information given below. I already have "Memories of Tapton House School", but I would be interested in receiving "A History of Tapton House". I was at Tapton House between September 1963 and May 1969. My mother was there between 1935 and 1939.

Wilson Irene email:

Wilson Terry 1952-58 email:
Many thanks for your mail, my sister and I, who also went to Tapton, purchased your books last Christmas and enjoyed them thoroughly. The school one brought back many memories. Two particular friends of mine, who I have not had contact with since school days are Anthony [Tony] Foden who hailed from Holmewood who took great delight in reducing Miss Pennington to tears with his appalling French pronunciation, and Nigel [Nigger] Thompson, from Tupton. If you should hear of either of these two reprobates I would be over the moon to hear from them.

Yates Avis 1944-49 email:
I have just read your book 'Memories of Tapton House School' and the memories certainly came rushing back to me. I enjoyed it all but the items relating to 1944-49 were of particular interest as that was the time I was at Tapton. How lucky we all were to be there. It is only on looking back that I have realised just how privileged I was.