School Charter.

"We declare and decree that this, the Tapton House School, shall henceforth be dedicated to the greater happiness of the English people. Let no mean action soil the conduct of its children. We bid them cultivate courage and strength and hatred of all cruelty and vileness, whether of body or spirit. It shall be for them to take God's beauty that surrounds them and carry its serenity to whatsoever part of the world they may chance to inhabit.

We exhort them to set forever, as beacons before them the examples of the noble men and gracious women who have dwelt in and loved this house. We declare that steadfastness in thought and deed, purity and honour in intent and act the full and strenuous exercise of all the powers of brain and body, that these shall be the distinguishing virtues of a true child of this house.

And we finally decree that, as long as this school shall stand, this declaration shall be read in full assembly on every anniversary of this day".